ISIS: Turkey in state of chaos as 12 die in pro-Kobane demos

Ankara wants more U.S. strikes, armed groups fire at protesters

08 October, 10:11

    Protestors clash with riot police during a demonstration against Islamic State (IS) in Diyarbakir, southeast of Turkey Protestors clash with riot police during a demonstration against Islamic State (IS) in Diyarbakir, southeast of Turkey

    (by Claudio Accogli) (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - Turkey is calling for fresh airstrikes on Kobane and troops on the ground in Syria but has to deal with protests back home that have left at least 12 dead and dozens wounded.

    On Tuesday, pro-Kurdish parties called a national day of mobilization ''for Kobane'' with demonstrations in Istanbul and Ankara as well as in other cities abroad including Paris and Milan.

    The demonstrations were meant, on paper, to condemn Turkish inaction with tanks positioned at the border that have remained silent, watching the fall of Kobane without moving a finger. But it is also well-known that Kurds would be wary of potential Turkish military action. The clashes that ensued saw at least two demonstrators die, killed by police, according to State news agency Anadolu.

    The rest of the country is in chaos: in the largest Turkish city with a Kurdish majority, Diyarbakir, at least five people were reported killed, the highest death toll so far. However, here as in the rest of the country, the dynamic of the deadly incidents is still unclear: some media outlets have accused armed groups linked with the government party, others have blamed pro-PKK groups, others groups ''of the Islamic State''.

    Overall, everybody agreed that security forces did not open fire. A ceasefire is in place across two provinces and 15 districts at the centre of clashes.

    Tension has increased over the past few days with ISIS hoisting up its black flag in a number of areas of the city, worn out after a siege that has lasted weeks, while dozens of Turkish tanks are deployed at the border, just 800 metres from the city.

    Calls on the US to bomb ISIS postings have gone viral on Twitter while bullets and mortar fire also hit Turkey.

    Ankara has called on Washington to intensify raids, given that Kobane is about to fall in jihadist hands. President Recep Tayyp Erdogan is urging the US to change strategy and send boots on the ground because ''raids are not enough''.(ANSAmed).

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