Syria: ISIS says it has weapons intended for Kurds in Kobane

Video shows woman stoned to death by ISIS militants, father

21 October, 20:35

    A frame from the video in which ISIS militants claim to have captured weapons dropped by US military A frame from the video in which ISIS militants claim to have captured weapons dropped by US military

    (ANSAMed) - ROME - In a new video posted online, Islamic State (ISIS) militants claimed they had captured weapons and ammunition dropped by the U.S. military that was intended for Kurdish forces defending an embattled Syrian city near the Turkish border.

    The airdrops Sunday were the first of their kind and followed weeks of U.S. and coalition airstrikes in and near Kobane. In the video, ISIS claims some of the weapons and ammunition was air-dropped by mistake on its positions in Kobani.

    CBS News also reported that an American official confirmed that most of the weapons and ammunition dropped by US Military for Kurdsish forces fighting in and around Syrian border town Kobani reached their destination. Because the drops were made overnight, the Pentagon could not say with 100 certainty that they reached their intended destinations.

    "We are still assessing the completion of the mission but every indication that we have is that the vast majority of those bundles were successfully delivered to Kurdish forces," the official said. Since air strikes were made during the night, the Pentagon was not yet able to give full confirmation that succeeded in their goal.

    US-led coalition air strikes against militant group Islamic State (ISIS) resumed on Tuesday in Kobane, while new clashes between Kurdish YPG militants and jihadists were reported on the Syrian border city. According to local witnesses, an Isis militant reportedly was blown up in a car bombing in Kurdish territory in the eastern part of Kobane.

    Iraqi peshmerga (armed Kurd fighters) have not yet crossed the borders between Turkey and Syria as Ankara had them allowed to do on Monday in order to rescue Kobane Kurds, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced, reiterating that the Turkish government, which still does not allow Turkish Kurds to cross the Syrian border, has never wanted the city to fall into the hands of Isis.

    Great Britain announced that its drones stationed in the Middle East will be used in anti-ISIS surveillance and reconnaissance operations in Syria. Downing Street clarified should the government opt for military action in Syria, it will first ask the Westminster Parliament for the go ahead.

    Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq released a video of a woman being stoned to death by a group of men, including her own father, the National Observatory for Human Rights ONDUS said. The human rights watchdog reportedly received a video of the stoning, which allegedly took place on an unspecified date in a area east of Hama, in the central region of the country. In describing images, the ONDUS reported that the woman's father allegedly refused to grant a pardon that could have saved her, despite the insistence of two militants Isis. Then he tied her with a rope and placed her in a hole dug into the ground. The woman was then stoned by a group of men, with her father participating. ONDUS did not name the woman. (ANSAmed). 

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