Spain: jihadist threat, EU demands tighter border checks

Madrid to send special anti-terror agents

27 October, 11:43

    Migrants try to storm Spanish enclave in North Africa Migrants try to storm Spanish enclave in North Africa

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID - Europe has asked Spain to boost border checks in Ceuta and Melilla to prevent jihadists from entering the country. Interior ministry sources said Monday that the request was issued by Brussels on October 9 during the last EU Council of Justice and Home Affairs.

    Madrid last summer sent 200 Guardia civil agents to prevent immigrants from illegally entering and does not reportedly mean to further boost border surveillance. However, it will train agents so they can ''identify terror elements'', the sources said.

    Over the past few months, at least four suspected Islamist extremists were able to cross the borders of the two Spanish enclaves in Morocco.

    Out of the 33,913 illegal immigrants who entered Spain in 2013, some 2,638 (8% of the total) did so through the border of Melilla while 1,623 others (4.7% of the total) crossed into Ceuta, almost double the number from the previous year.


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