Egypt: navy ship attacked, bomb explosion in Cairo metro

8 sailors missing, 32 assailants and 40 suspected ones arrested

13 November, 20:16

    At least 12 injured in car bombing in central Cairo At least 12 injured in car bombing in central Cairo

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - Egyptian authorities accused jihadists of the Islamic State (ISIS) for an attack Wednesday night on a navy motorboat along the coast between Porto Said and Damietta. Eight sailors are missing. There were "foreigners who could be members of the Islamic State" involved in the attack, reported newspaper El Masri el Youm citing a high ranking military source. 

    Meanwhile, a bomb exploded in the Cairo metro Thursday morning in the eastern Zaytoun district. A spokesman for the Cairo metro, Ahmed Abdel Hadi, said the bomb was placed in the luggage carrier and completely destroyed the roof of the second wagon as the train was arriving in the station. The wounded (21, according to the latest announcement) were evacuated and the convoy towed.

    During the attack on the navy boat, assailants tried to kidnap Egyptian soldiers on board, the military source told the Egyptian daily. Eight sailors are still missing at sea and five were wounded, the source added. Thirty-two suspected assailants were arrested. The four boats used for the attack were destroyed. 40 other people were arrested on Thursday near Damietta. (ANSAmed).

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