ISIS: anti-Baghdadi singer receives death threats

Shaaban Abdel Rehim snubs jihadis with pop song

19 November, 13:37

    Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rehim Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rehim

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - Well-known Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rehim has received death threats after he sang on television a song against ISIS and Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the website of al Arabiya reported on Wednesday.

    In the song, Rehim calls Baghdadi the ''emir of criminals'' and ISIS a ''gang of lunatics'' that has nothing to do with Islam.

    ''Religion does not preach to sell women and children.

    Beheading people is not Islam, say who is behind you'', the song also says.

    The singer said he received a phone call from abroad yesterday morning and someone speaking Arabic with an eastern accent - Syrian or Lebanese - threatened him on behalf of ISIS.

    ''I only fear God and not ISIS' threats, I did what my conscience and patriotism told me to do. What they do goes against Islam and damages the image of Muslims. I confront them with a pop song while they behead their enemies'', said the singer.

    Rehim has written several political pop songs in the past.

    He became famous in the early 2000s with a song stating, ''I hate Israel, I love Amr Moussa (then secretary-general of the Arab League).(ANSAmed).

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