ISIS flyer in Gaza threatens 18 writers, PA condemns

Hamas minimizes incident, says it is likely a 'prank'

02 December, 15:52

    (ANSAmed) - GAZA, DECEMBER 2 - An Islamic State (ISIS) flyer circulating on social networks has warned 18 writers and poets against criticizing Islam, noting that ''apostates will be punished''. In Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority (PA)replied by condemning the intimidation of Palestinian intellectuals, saying that the threats constitute a serious precedent. Hamas has instead played down the incident. Gaza's interior minister, Yiad Bazam, denied that ISIS operates in any form in the Gaza Strip and that the threats are - in his opinion - nothing more than ''pranks''. 'He ensured, nevertheless, that the enclave's secret services were closely watching the situation. The threats to intellectuals came after a similar text (signed by men claiming to be ISIS members) in recent days telling women in Gaza that they would not be allowed to walk in the streets starting next week if not covered in full Islamic veils. (ANSAmed).

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