ISIS fighters now in Golan Heights near Israeli border

3 rebel groups near Deraa pledge allegiance to Baghdadi

18 December, 19:59

    A UN tank on the Golan Hights (credit: Patrizio Nissirio) A UN tank on the Golan Hights (credit: Patrizio Nissirio)

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, DECEMBER 18 - Islamic State (ISIS) forces are now in the Golan Heights area near Syria's border with Israel, reported Haaretz in quoting Arab media outlets on Thursday. The daily noted that three local jihadist groups fighting the Assad regime in the southern Golan had pledged allegiance this week to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    The three groups, reported the sources, are Shuhada Al-Yarmouk, the Abu Mohammed Al-Tilawi Brigade and Bayt Al-Maqdis. All three are said to be concentrated around Deraa, the city in southern Syria where the uprising against President Bashar Al-Assad's regime began. The city is several dozen kilometers from the Israel border but - reports Haaretz - some of the fighters have taken up positions only a few kilometers from the border. (ANSAmed).

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