Libya: military sources, 30 militants dead and 270 wounded

Fajr Libya commander, strategic withdrawal from Sidra

18 December, 12:27

    Libyan rebels near Brega [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20110406 ] Libyan rebels near Brega [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20110406 ]

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, DECEMBER 18 - Libyan military sources have announced that 30 pro-Islamist militiamen with Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn) have been killed and 270 wounded in clashes around the oil area between Sirte and Benghazi.

    Meanwhile the chief of the militia's military operations, Mohamed Al Ajtal, explained that fighters have pulled back ''two or three kilometers'' from the port of Sidra, in a ''strategic withdrawal'' to prevent the country's largest exports terminal from being bombarded by pro-government forces, according to Libyan media.

     Al Ajtal added that Fajr militias from the Shorouk (dawn) operation have the objective of ''freeing'' oil ports: ''They want to complete the operation peacefully, otherwise they are ready to fight''.
    According to the military chief of the militias supporting the ''parallel'' government of Tripoli, the leader of oil installation guards Ibrahim Jadran ''wants to steal oil and sell it out of the authority of the National Oil Corporation (NOC)'' together with ex-general Khalifa Haftar, an ally of the government of Torbuk, which is recognized by the international community. Jadran and Haftar ''are both criminals'', concluded Al Ajtal. (ANSAmed)

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