Tunisia: jihadists claim 2013 murder of MPs

In video they refer to Al-Baghdadi as their chief

18 December, 11:04

    Security operation against alleged terrorist in Tunisia [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20140204 ] Security operation against alleged terrorist in Tunisia [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20140204 ]

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, DECEMBER 18 - In a video posted to social networks yesterday, a group of Tunisian jihadists claimed the assassination of Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, the two opposition lawmakers killed in 2013, and threatened Tunisians.

    The video message shows four men with long beards, wearing a uniform and holding weapons, including a militant on the run who has been identified as Abou Bakr Al Hakim. Authorities believe he is involved in the murders of Chokri Belad and Mohamed Brahmi. The other men presents identified themselves as Abou Mossab, Abou Mohamed Ettounissi and Abou Moukatel. Without citing directly their allegiance to ISIS, the Islamic State controlling part of Syria and Iraq, one of the jihadists talks about caliph Abou Bakr Al Baghdadi as his chief.

    The message, currently being examined by investigators to determine its authenticity, is allegedly aimed at dissuading Tunisians from heading to the polls, as elections are considered to go against the teachings of Islam, and to call them to jihad, take up armed fight and reach the mountains where they are hiding. They conclude by saying: ''You will not live in peace until Tunisia won't be governed in the respect of Islam''.

    Four days from the second round of voting in presidential elections, the threat posed by terrorism returns to Tunisia.

    Yesterday, anti-terror police in Tunis arrested five alleged terrorists who are believed to have plotted terror attacks for the first round of voting. (ANSAmed)

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