Syria 6 billion dollars in aid to Assad from Iran and Russia

Arms, flour and fuel

22 December, 14:26

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, DEC 22 - The new aid package to Syria from its Russian and Iranian is worth over six billion dollars.

    According to a report in the Lebanese paper al Akhbar, close to Iran and to the pro-Iranian Shia group Hizbollah, the Islamic Republic has opened another line of credit to Damasco worth 4.5 billion dollars in order to support the Assad regime. In parallel, Russia has granted another million and a half dollars in aid. These funds are supplemented by 500 million dollars in fuel and 400 million in flour. The al Akhbar Damascus correspondent also said that the regime can count on the arrival of "important Russian and non Russian arms with the purpose of determining a positive outcome in many battles".

    According to the paper no further details have been provided in order to prevent Israel or other interested parties from gaining further information on the consignment. Meanwhile, Syrian government forces have rejected the onslaught of Islamic State (Isis) militants against an airbase in the east of the country, the official Syrian newsagency Sana reported Monday confirming dispatches in the pan-Arab press according to which over twenty jihadists died in fighting around the Isis-besieged military airport of Dayr az Zor. (ANSAmed).

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