Libya, oil trafficking problem for regional countries

Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria sign a pact

27 January, 15:45

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, JAN 27 - The chaotic Libyan situation concerns regional countries worried about a possible domino effect while oil trafficking, tolerated in Libya under the regime of Muammar Ghadafi has reached levels that are no longer sustainable for neighbouring countries. Libya has always been a great oil exporting country and the oil flow from Libya has always moved along two different paths: on the one hand, the official route with lucrative concessions to the 'Seven sisters', the major oil excracting and refining companies, and on the other,the one managed by thousand of traffickers who flooded the Tunisian, Algerian and Egyptian markets virtually ignored by the police forces of these countries. The problem has now become much more worrisome because the funds obtained through the oil sales no longer ends up solely in the pockets of criminal organizations but also in the coffers of armed militias fighting each other with cannons and kalashnikovs to consolidate their power. The smuggled oil arriving in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria through porous borders by land or by sea feeds a parallel market which severely affects the finances of states that used to consider oil smugglers a lesser evil. This is no longer the case as the proceeds of oil trafficking strenghten the armaments of groups whose goal is often the destabilisation of countries other than Libya, as the presence of al Qaida and Isis-affiliated militants in Libya amply demonstrates. Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia have decided to strenghten controls along their borders with Libya during a recent meeting attended by security experts from all three countries where it was decided that more border- patrols and coast guards will be deployed to police sensitive areas. The financial aspect of the deal is definetely important but security implications are even more significant in a region where extremist and militant islam is stretching its hand.

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