ISIS: Jordanian pilot burnt alive in a cage

Jordan says that he was killed on January 3

03 February, 20:04

    Jordanian pilot burnt alive, SITE Jordanian pilot burnt alive, SITE

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN - A video released on Tuesday by the Islamic State (ISIS) and posted on the website of Site Intelligence Group reportedly shows the Jordanian pilot held hostage by the jihadists as he is burnt alive. SITE director Rita Katz reported the news on Twitter. The footage starts out with a close-up of the hostage in an orange jumpsuit and bruised under his right eye as he makes a statement. There is a black backdrop with flags from countries taking part in the anti-ISIS coalition, including Canada, France, the US, the UK, the UAE and Jordan.      In the second part, the Jordanian pilot is standing in front of a group of armed militants dressed in camouflage with their faces covered.      In the final part the hostage is seen in a cage as fire approaches and surrounds him.

    Jordan announced that the pilot shown being burnt alive by the Islamic State (ISIS) in a video released on Tuesday had actually been killed on January 3.

    Minutes after the news broke out, the government reportedly sent a number of salafi convicts to Swaqa prison, were executions often take place.The king could be poised to make a statement and order execution of Sajeda al Rishawee, the failed al Qaida bomber in Amman whose release was demanded by Isis in exchange for the  Japanese journalist Kinje Koto.

    Jordan plays a key role in the US lead alliance to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq, using its intelligence tools and airspace to provide access to ISIS controlled territories.Outspoken deputy Hind al Fayez slammed authorities tactics to mobilize streets against ISIS, by allegedly using Kassasbeh's capture as a rallying cry to support sending boots to ground in Syria and Iraq.The US condemned the killing and offered Jordan support, hours after president Obama pledged 8.8 billion US dollars to fight the extremist group. (ANSAmed). 


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