Yemeni camel refuses to leave owner's grave

Has neither ate nor drank in days, offers to buy it

03 February, 17:40

    (ANSAmed) - DUBAI, FEBRUARY 3 - In a small Yemeni village, a camel has refused to leave its owner's grave after 'taking part' in his funeral.

    The story bears a resemblance to that of Hachiko, a Japanese dog who lived on the gravestone of his deceased owner for years and then had a bronze monument built in his honor in front of the Shibuya station and gained world renown after a film starring Richard Gere was told his story. The camel of Ali Al-Na'na sat down in the cemetery next to the grave in the Sidah village of the central Ibb province after recognizing the man's smell. After the funeral was over and attendees had left, Al-Na'na's son forced the camel to go home with him to prevent him from being stolen. Once the camel got to the farm, however, he turned around and went back to his owner's grave, reports Gulf News, and refuses to eat or drink. In only a few days the camel and his loyalty have become an attraction for visitors and several offers have been made by would-be buyers in the Gulf. Camels are a regional resource that in recent years has made it onto the international markets for camel milk chocolate and hamburgers, and are also admired for their physical features. A beauty contest with a large number of prizes has been established, and some camels cost over a million euros.


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