Spain, 2 Spaniards out of 3 for intervention against jihadis

Three months ago, majority wanted dialogue

05 February, 13:12

    A man  arrested on  islamist terrorism in Zaragoza, Spain A man arrested on islamist terrorism in Zaragoza, Spain

    (ANSAmed) - MADRID - In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the fears of the Spanish public towards islamist terrorist attacks has grown to the point that 58% considers it likely and the number of people advocating military intervention against jihadists in Syria and Iraq has grown considerably, according to a poll conducted by Metroscopia six days after the Charlie Hebdo attack and published by El Pais Thursday. Almost six Spaniards out of ten believe it is likely that and indiscriminate attack such as the one which took place on March 11 2004 in Madrid causing the death of 192 people and injuring 1,858 may occur again, a percentage markedly higher than the 31% that viewed this scenario as likely in 2012. The percentage reached 64% when the possibility of a terrorist attack in Spain against a defined target such as Charlie Hebdo was evoked. The poll also indicated that a majority of Spaniards approve the idea of the use of force to fight Islamist jihad: 62%, almost two Spaniards out of three are in favour of military intervention in Syria, Iraq or Sahel and the percentage shoots up to 67% among those who favour Spain's participation to a coalition similiar to the 2003 United States led-one in Iraq. Just four months ago, in September, 75% of Spaniards responded to a Metroscopia poll saying that the diplomatic route was the most adequate one to confront the jihadist advance.

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