Libya: Isis flogs youths for alcohol consumption in Derna

On Twitter, pictures of floggings in the "Caliphate"

13 February, 14:08

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, FEBRUARY 13 - Isis is flogging young people in the streets of its "Caliphate" in Derna, Libya, because they violate the Islamic precept that forbids alcohol consumption.

    "In the town of Derna Isis "flogs" youths who drink alcohol" is the Twitter message accompanying the picture of a hooded man beating the back of a boy in a stripey t-shirt with a long cane. Another photo depicts seven younsters who appear to be waiting to be punished by a hooded man holding a lightly-coloured cane.

    The pictures have been analysed and deemed reliable by Libyan media. Derna, a historical stronghold of Libyan Islamist extremism, was conquered by jihadists in April. In October it paid allegiance to al Baghdadi's Islamic State and declared itself part of the "caliphate". Public floggings (particularly for alcohol consumption) had already been denounced by human rights watchdog, Human Rights Watch, along with beheadings and other types of violence. Last months gruesome pictures of violence against the statue of a horse were released. (ANSAmed).

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