Militias in Tripoli against Egyptian raid, 'Sisi terrorist'

Military, 40-50 terrorists killed in Derna

16 February, 14:20

    Libyan soldiers deployed to secure Tripoli controlled by Islamist-led militias Libyan soldiers deployed to secure Tripoli controlled by Islamist-led militias

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - Fajr Libya, the coalition of Islamist leading militias in power in Tripoli, launched an appeal to demonstrate against " raids carried out this morning by terrorist Abdel Fattah al Sisi and his air-force" in Libya. Fajr Libya advised Egyptians to abandon Libya to avoid reprisals. A message appeared on Fajr's Facebook's page: "Fajr Libya asks the Egyptian brothers working in Libya to leave the country within 48 hours to preserve their integrity in the face of reprisals susceptible of heightening tensions between our two brotherly nations".

    The General national congress (Gnc), Tripoli's parliament, unrecognised by the international community, condemned Egyptian raids in Libya through a spokesman. "We firmly condemn the Egyptian attack against Derna and consider it an illegitimate aggression against our territory" said a Gnc spokesman during a press-conference broadcast by Al Jazeera. "The Egyptian forces did not consult us nor directly nor indirectly" he said.

    According to the chief of the Libyan air-force, Saqer al-Joroushi, "40-50" Isis terrorists were killed so far in raids over Derna, reported Libyan media. Quoting other sources, Libyan media added that the head-quarters of the "Jebel" company, a site Isis has used as its "base", was one of the targets in Derna. There have reportedly been four raids on the town. Egyptian air-attacks hit Isis camps in Bengasi and Sirte as well, al-Joroushi said according to the Libyan press. The general said he was instructed by the chief of military staff Abdel Razzak el Nazouri and by the head of "Operation dignity" Khalifa Haftar, to "cooperate" with the Egyptian army to target Isis posts.(ANSAmed).

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