ISIS rules for women now include double veil, 'guardian'

The Guardian interviews residents of Mosul and Raqqa

17 February, 16:30

    (ANSAmed) - LONDON, FEBRUARY 17 - The Islamic State (ISIS) is now imposing a harsher dress code on women in its territory, as well as requiring them to travel only in the company of a male 'guardian'. The Guardian reported the news after interviewing a number of residents of the cities over the phone and on Skype for an article published Tuesday. Major cities under its control include the Syrian cities of Raqqa and Deir Az-Zor and the Iraqi city Mosul.

    Female inhabitants are required to wear double-layered veils and gloves to prevent any part of their body from being sen in public. Women must also always be accompanied by a 'mahram' ( a male guardian) every time they leave their homes. If they violate any of these rules they will be humiliated, arrested, fined and beaten by the 'Hisbah', ISIS's religious police. The Guardian reported that a Raqqa resident named Sama Maher, 20, had been detained several times by the Hisbah and that she ''had to quit my university studies in Aleppo because I'm not allowed to cross the checkpoints without a mahram and leave the city by myself like before'' due not the lack of a male family member able to accompany her. In recent days, ISIS published a ''manifesto'' stating that girls could be married from the age of nine, and that women should only leave the house in exceptional circumstances.(ANSAmed)
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