Libya, Al Thani, terrorists towards Tunisian border

Said the Libyan premier to Tunisian radio Express

18 February, 11:39

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, FEB 18 - Libyan premier Abdallah Al Thani told Tunisian radio Express Fm that Isis and Boko Haram members have joined or are about to join terrorist groups in Libya and added that the latter are getting close to the border with Tunisia. With regard to the Egyptian military intervention, Al Thani said that the aerial bombardments against Isis positions in Libya were carried out with the approval of the Libyan government and that the United Nations Security Council refused to arm the Libyan state in its fight against terrorism.

    Meanwhile, Tunisia has deployed military units along its border with Libya both on the ground and at sea and the army has been reinforced with units from the national guard and customs, in order to defend the country from "possible threats to its territorial integrity" and "prevent any attempt of infiltration by terrorists" said ministry of defense spokesman, colonel Belhassen Oueslati.

    The Tunisian armed forces can count on 27 thousand men in the army, 4,000 in the air force and 4,500 in the navy. (ANSAmed).

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