UAE has become the 'Eldorado' of plastic surgery

Highest concentration of surgeons; adolescents 15% of patients

13 April, 17:34

    A silicone gel breast implant A silicone gel breast implant

    (by Virginia Di Marco) (ANSAmed) - ROME - The highest concentration in the world of plastic surgeons is in the UAE, which boasts one every 18,000 inhabitants.

    There is one every 50,000 in the US and one every 44,000 in Brazil. A rising number of surgeons are opting to open a subsidiary of their practices in the UAE or are moving there. The most popular emirate is Dubai, to which the well-known Dr. Jason Diamond (known also as 'Dr. 90210', from the name of the reality show based on his story) has since 2009 been organizing trips from Beverly Hills every 2-3 months. Diamond has on numerous occasions remarked that ''every time I go, I don't even sit down. I'm running around from 7am until midnight. The demand is literally out the door'' in Dubai Several other plastic surgeons used by 'stars' have set up office in the emirate as well. CNN reports that while Gulf residents used to go to Beverly Hills, Brazil or Beirut to be operated on, they can now have plastic surgery much closer to home. Patients are by now arriving in the UAE from such nations as India, Pakistan, Russia and Eastern Europe. According to the Dubai Health Authority, Dubai aims to be attracting half a million 'healthcare tourists' annually by 2020, and plastic surgery is a significant part of the plan. The local daily The National reports that the emirate is targeting those seeking high quality surgeons, and not low cost ones as happens in Thailand, for example. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has reported that 15% of aesthetic treatments in the UAE are carried out on adolescents, raising debate in local media and online. The increase in demand for plastic surgery among adolescents and those in their early twenties (+33% over the past two years) is said to be due to the trend of taking 'selfies'. Nose jobs, breast implants, liposuction and ear plastic surgery are the most popular operations. (ANSAmed).

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