Isis: UN, rapes are becoming a terror weapon

Report, abuse on women and children on the rise in Syria, Iraq

14 April, 11:26

    Ban Ki-moon Ban Ki-moon

    (ANSAmed) - NEW YORK, APRIL 14 - The horrific crimes perpetrated by Isis know no boundaries. A UN report denounced that sexual violence against women and children has become systematic for Islamist militants, a true "terror tactic"carried out my members of the Caliphate against civilians in Syria and Iraq. Boko Haram appears to be following the same path in Nigeria.

    The United Nations' s outcry became public the same day the pregnancy of a 9 year old girl belonging to the Yazidi community raped by Isis militants in Iraq was reported.

    "Year 2014 was marked by the troubling news of rapes, forced marriages and sexual slavery carried out by extremist groups in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali" said UN experts.

    According to the dossier, sexual violence "is part and parcel of the terrorist tactics employed by the Islamic State to create a climate of fear, together with the persecution of ethnic and religious minorites and the annihilation of populations opposing their ideology".

    The report offers many examples of this policy, among which the organisation's recruiting strategy of promising aspiring jihadists a Yazidi woman between the ages of 18 and 35 .

    According to UN data, almost 1,500 civilians have been turned into sex slaves by the Caliphate. The agency also reported a significant increase in reported cases of sexual violence in Syria committed by terrorist groups and by Isis in particular since mid 2014.

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