Italy rescued 1,500 migrants in Mediterranean on Tuesday

Almost 10,000 in recent days

15 April, 16:18

    More migrants rescued at sea More migrants rescued at sea

    (ANSAmed) - ROME - Some 1,511 migrants were rescued on Tuesday in 12 separate operations coordinated by the Rome Coast Guard National Rescue Center. In recent days, another 8,480 were rescued, bringing the total to almost ten thousand, reports the port authorities. On Tuesday, the Dattilo ship of the Coast Guard brought on shore 503 migrants from 5 rafts, 131 people were rescued by a motorboat, 88 by another Coast Guard unit and 86 from another motor boat that transshiped the migrants from the Shah ship, which had been rerouted for rescue purposes. The Norman Corona merchant ship collaborated with the operations and brought 95 people to a motorboat to be taken ashore. A Financial Police unit rescued 89 and two Italian navy ships rescued a total of 519 people. (ANSAmed).

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