France: two churches target of arrested Paris terror suspect

Issues still unclear, suspected terrorist could have accomplices

22 April, 14:31

    A terror suspect arrested in Paris A terror suspect arrested in Paris

    (ANSAmed) - PARIS - A terror suspect arrested Sunday in Paris was planning attacks against two churches in the short term with the participation of accomplices and had an arsenal of war weapons ready to be used, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Wednesday morning. He said the arrest of the young Islamic fundamentalist occurred by chance.

    The Algerian national was known to the intelligence services and reportedly wanted to go fight in Syria.

    According to investigators, the youth killed on Sunday a personal trainer who was found dead in her car in Villejiuf, a district of Paris. This murder, which still needs to be clarified, led to the arrest of the suspect, which occurred by chance.

    Shortly before 9:00 am on Sunday April 19, a call was placed for an ambulance in the 13th arrondissement where a man was lying on the ground with a gunshot wound. He was identified on Wednesday as Sid Ahmed Ghlam. He claimed that he was attacked and was losing a lot of blood. Rescue services called the police and officers followed blood tracks and found a car parked nearby. Inside were Kalashnikovs, pistols, bullet-proof vests, munitions and a flashlight used for police cars. At the hospital, the wounded man was identified as a computer science student, an Algerian national who had been living in France since 2009.

    The youth admitted he owned the car. In his apartment police found documents proving, according to Cazeneuve, that ''without a doubt he was planning to commit an attack, probably against one or two churches''. The amount of weapons found have led investigators to believe that he has accomplices.

    Cazeneuve added that the intelligence services had been keeping an eye on the student since last year, when he expressed the desire to join jihadists in Syria. His computer and phone were tapped. This year he had reportedly disappeared to travel to Turkey and had been briefly detained after his return.

    Investigations carried out on Sunday, and a gunshot wound on a leg, have led investigators to suspect him of the murder or Aurélie Chatelain, 32, a fitness instructor who was in Paris to attend a pilates masterclass over the weekend. She was found murdered with three gunshot wounds, seated in the front of a car, beside the driver's seat. Police suspect that Sid Ahmed Ghlam tried to steal her car and that, during the attempted carjacking, the Algerian fired at himself by mistake.(ANSAmed).

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