'Terrorists to come to EU from Libya', former PA minister

Dahlan warns Italy most at risk, security conference in Rome

07 May, 18:00

    (by Francesca Bellino) (ANSAmed) - ROME, MAY 7 - Former Palestinian Authority (PA) security minister Mohammad Dahlan said on Thursday at a roundtable discussion in the Italian capital that there would be a ''migration of terrorists due to the Libyan crisis''.

    ''Armed groups will seek to destroy Europe, passing through Italy,'' he added. The roundtable discussion, entitled 'Libya and the Future of Security in the Mediterranean', was organized by the Comitato Atlantico Italiano in collaboration with Abhath-Al Thuraya Consultancy and Researches of Abu Dhabi and the Mediterranean-Gulf Forum at the Centro Alto Studi per la Difesa in Rome. ''To speak about Libya we must speak about its relations with Europe. It was Europe that destroyed Libya. Allied countries destroyed the country and left. They got rid of the dictatorship and created terrorist bodies,'' Dahlan said, underscoring that ''the way in which the international community deals with the situation in Libya, Syria and Iraq is catastrophic.'' ''Italy must realize the risks it is running. The Syrian an Iraqi crises led to an internal implosion, while for Libya it was an external explosion. Diplomacy isn't very useful for resolving the situation. Words are useless with the militias that sell oil on the black market,'' the former Palestinian minister added. ''We are all a bit to blame for the current situation in Libya,'' said former UN special envoy to Libya and Jordanian foreign minister Abdul Ilah Khatib. ''In our region, we are used to blaming others, but we must now join together. I believe that those of us close to Libya need to create a collective regional structure that works for everyone's protection. The Arab League has only issued a resolution for safe skies and asked us to act on this resolution. In the West, there has been a reluctance for a collaborative form, due to the Arab-Israeli conflict and other issues. We must, instead, call a meeting of Libya's friends and neighbors immediately to save it.'' ''To reach an agreement,'' added the Jordanian minister, ''Libya also needs political dialogue involving all the factions, and not only the ones doing the fighting. The population must be in charge of their own dialogue and democratization process. It should not be imposed by the Arab League or foreign countries.'' ''Only if we bring the Libyan tribes together will there be the conditions for an agreement,'' said former Egyptian former minister Mohammed El-Orabi. ''We will support Bernardino Leon's efforts but we think that there is no way that is exclusively political. Terrorism should be fought and you cannot ask terrorists to sit down and negotiate.'' ''The Libyan population has been suffering for four years because of Europe, which abandoned it,'' said Mustafa Ali Rugibai, Chargé d'Affaires at the Embassy of Libya to the Holy See. ''Everyone forgot about Libya, and especially Italy.

    Libyans want to live a life with dignity, have honest elections and choose their leaders. We want life. What can Italy do? Support the legitimate government and not only pretend to.

    Recognize its legitimacy. It can help us to rebuild an army that exists. To use drones to monitor desert borders. The Libyan population has a lot of potential - it can work miracles and defeat terrorism. It will go back to like it was prior to Gaddafi.'' Speeches were also made Abdelaziz Kotti, member of Tunisia's l'Assemblée des Représentants du Peuple; Noman Benotman, former jihadist that played a key role in the dissolution of a group of Libyan Islamist combatants and current head of the Quilliam Foundation, which works with deradicalization in the UK and abroad; Michael Frendo, Maltese Speaker Emeritus of Parliament and former foreign minister; Fabrizio Cicchitto, head of the foreign committee at the Italian Chamber of Deputies; Rinaldo Veri, Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa and Fabrizio W. Luciolli, head of the Comitato Atlantico Italiano and the Atlantic Treaty Association. (ANSAmed).

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