Algeria: violence rages in schools, 40,000 cases in 2014

Bullying against students and teachers

11 May, 18:09

    (by Diego Minuti) (ANSAmed) - ROME, MAY 11 - In 2014, over 40,000 cases of violence were reported in Algerian schools. However, experts from the education ministry admit many cases could go unreported over fear.

    Violence in schools is becoming a problem in Algeria, though the country boasts one of the most advanced education systems in the region. However, it is evidently not able to avoid violence not just amid students butt also against teachers, who are exposed to bullying without being able to avoid it.

    The data was released by a high-ranking official, the general inspector of the national education ministry, Mejadi Messeguem, who did not try to downplay the phenomenon in an interview with national radio, given it has been reported in each province and in a great number of cities.

    Messeguem also said that not only cases of violence are being reported but also episodes of vandalism, drug and alcohol abuse and rackets in which students threatened colleagues.

    The education ministry had thus decided to act while seeking to understand the reasons behind the mounting violence - whether it is only due to the difficult social and family background of violent students or whether schools are also responsible. This could be due to poor security checks at the entrance of schools or to school programs (and professors who have to teach them) that are not adequate to counter the phenomenon.

    The ministry will shortly approve a prevention program, training teachers. But this will not be useful if students and pupils will not acknowledge the gravity of their misdeeds, not just from a practical point of view (lawsuits, arrests, trials) but also morally - making them understand evil before it destroys them. (ANSAmed)
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