Turkey: video of weapons on Syria-bound truck published

Scoop by Cumhuriyet daily, prosecution probes it for terror

29 May, 19:01

    Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet

    (ANSAmed) - ISTANBUL - A controversy has flared up again in Turkey over trucks allegedly carrying 1,000 mortars, 1,000 grenades, 50,000 assault rifles and 30,000 heavy machine guns stopped in the southern Turkish provinces of Hatay and Adana. On Friday, the newspaper Cumhuriyet posted a video and published some pictures of the ''trucks of Ankara's secret services that were carrying weapons to Syria'' in January 2014.

    According to the daily, the footage was taken by police during a border check. In the images shown, the weapons appear to be hidden in boxes under other boxes containing medicines.

    Prosecutors have opened an investigation against the paper on terrorism charges.

    Last February the Turkish government forced the media not to report on the incident, which is being probed by Turkish magistrates over suspicions that the weapons were being taken to anti-Assad rebels in Syria.

    Indeed subsequent investigations revealed that the trucks were under the management of Ankara's intelligence services.

    According to several witness reports, the trucks carried out at least 2,000 trips.

    The Turkish government has always claimed that only humanitarian aid for civilians was being transported, accusing the alleged ''parallel state'' connected with the Hizmet brotherhood of imam and magnate Fethullah Gulen of seizing without a proper authorization the truck of the Turkish intelligence. Last month, the 17 soldiers who had stopped the trucks were arrested. (ANSAmed).

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