Israel: thousands of Syrians may flee to Golan demarcation

Chief of staff vows to prevent massacres

16 June, 17:30

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, JUNE 16 - The Israeli army is getting ready to deal with a situation in which thousands of Syrian refugees could seek to reach the line of demarcation with Israel in the Golan Heights.

    The announcement was made by the country's chief of staff, General Gady Eisenkot to the parliamentary foreign and defense committee. He added that Israel would do whatever it could to prevent mass killings and that it would send humanitarian aid. Maariv reports that Eisenkot also promised that Israel ''will not close the door'' if extreme need should arise. In recent weeks, Israel has been closely following developments in the conflict across the border in Syria, with special focus on the situation of hundreds of thousands of Druze threatened in the southern part of the country by several different Islamist factions. The issue, said military spokesman Moty Elmoz, was examined on Tuesday during a high-level armed forces meeting. ''The situation on the Golan Heights border is unsettling,'' General Eisenkot told the Israeli parliament. The head of state added that Israel is watching the role that the Lebanese militia Hezbollah have taken in the conflict.

    The Shia militants and sworn enemies of Israel have lost hundreds of men fighting on the side of the Bashar Al-Assad regime since the beginning of the fighting, including about 100 in the past month.(ANSAmed).

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