Morocco: toll-free number to report corruption

Ministry of Justice plan to halt the phenomenon

22 June, 12:22

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    (ANSAmed) - ROME - The scourge of corruption appears inescapable in Morocco and the government has decided to tackle the issue by establishing a special toll-free number dedicated to people who whish to report graft accompanied by an ad hoc campaign on national television.

    The toll free number ( was set up by the Ministry of Justice wishing - according to the Map agency - to give citizens "a useful and efficient mechanism to denounce corruption".

    The main point of the initiative is not the speed with which the reports will reach the judiciary but the fact that the number will ensure the necessary security guarantees to those wishing to use it.

    Once informed about the content of telephone report, the magistrates will verify the facts and were they to be confirmed, the report would be sent to the Kingdom's courts to formally open a case. For those who do not believe in the security guarantee set up, there is also another possibility, a form to complete containing all the elements to identity the briber and the corrupt person and the transaction linked to one or both of them.

    In order to ensure that the population is well informed about the toll free number and the other initiatives, the Ministry of Justice will promote a specific tv campaign.

    However, the establishment of the toll free number has also raised many concerns: notwithstanding the fact-checking of the competent authorities, the reports, instead of tip-offs, run the risk of turning into vendattas against innocent business or tender rivals .

    Another risk envisaged by those skeptical about the plan, is that the justice system will get clogged by a wealth of proceedings complicating to the extreme the workload of tribunals which are already swarmed with cases.

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