'Incessant' flow of migrants on 'Balkan route' via Serbia

Thousands trying to cross along Hungarian frontier

29 June, 13:00

    Flow of migrants continue to arrive in Western Europe Flow of migrants continue to arrive in Western Europe

    BELGRADE - Thousands of migrants from Asia and the Middle East are taking the 'Balkan route' to Western Europe, arriving in Serbia with the intention of crossing into Hungary and from there continuing toward other European countries further north, security sources told ANSA on Monday.
    More than 3,000 illegal migrants are camped out in the impoverished district of Preshevo in southern Serbia near Kosovo, while as many as 30,000 migrants have asked for asylum from the Serbian authorities, they said.
    Meanwhile Hungarian authorities - who recently announced they plan to build a four-metre wall along 175 kilometres of their frontier with Serbia to block the influx of migrants - last week-end arrested more than 3,000 illegal migrants, the sources said.
    More than 60,000 migrants have arrived in Hungary since the start of the year, underlining the Hungarian authorities insistence that their reception structures cannot cope with such a massive influx indefinitely.

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