Migration: a million new EU citizens in 2013

Moroccans, Albanians and Indians hold highest number in Italy

01 July, 18:50

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JULY 1 - European Union countries granted citizenship to almost a million individuals in 2013.

    Some 985,000 Africans, Latin Americans and Asians and others became Europeans, a 20% (about 163,000 people) rise on the previous year, reports Eurostat. The largest group of immigrants to become naturalized in Italy were from Morocco (25% of the total), followed by Albanians (13.6%) and Indians (4.8%). According to the data from the European statistics institute, Moroccan immigrants were the highest group of naturalized citizens across the entire EU, with 86,000. Their first choice was Spain (35%), followed by Italy (29%) and France (19%). The second largest group of immigrants naturalized in the EU was from India, with 48,000 people. Some 75% of them became British citizens, 10% Italian and 6% Irish. The third top group was Turkish, with 46,000 naturalized in the EU. Some 60% of them became German citizens, 12% French and 9% UK citizens. Following were Colombian immigrants (42,000), almost all of whom became Spanish citizens (92%), and Albanian ones (41,000), with two-thirds becoming Greek and one third Italian. In the rankings of EU countries with the highest rate of naturalization in 2013 on the basis of foreign population already present, the top country was Sweden (7.6 citizens naturalized out of 100 immigrants), Hungary (6.5) and Portugal (5.9).

    At the bottom of the latter rankings were France (2.4) Italy (2.3) and Germany (1.5). In absolute terms, almost half of those naturalized became Spanish (225,000 people, 23%) or English (207,000, 21%).


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