Spain: suspected recruiter of young girls for ISIS arrested

In the Canaries, woman is a Spanish convert to Islam

08 July, 14:36

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    (by Francesco Cerri) (ANSAmed) - MADRID, JULY 8 - Spain is keeping its terror threat level to four, its next-to-last position, where it was raised 10 days ago over the risk of Islamic terror attacks.

    Meanwhile multiple arrests have been carried out, mainly in Catalonia and the African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Those arrested are suspected supporters and recruiters of the Islamic State (ISIS).

    Yesterday, a woman was arrested in Arrecife, in the Lanzarote island od the Canaries, on suspicion she was recruiting teen girls to be sent to areas controlled by the 'caliph' in Syria and Iraq. The woman, a Muslim with Spanish citizenship, was transferred to Madrid where a probe is being carried out by the Auiencia Nacional. According to Spanish press reports, she was in direct contact with a leader of the jihadist terror group in Syria.

    The woman was reportedly trying to recruit radicalized girls from the Muslim community of Lanzarote - 30,000 people - by promising them a future as jihad fighters or wives of mujahidin.

    It is still unclear how many recruits she was able to send to the 'caliphate'.

    The fate of these young women in ISIS-controlled areas is to become sexual slaves, work as cleaners or police women. A few of them become militant fighters.

    This was the third operation against the recruitment of young women by ISIS carried out in Spain over the past few weeks, after Ceuta, Melilla and Barcelona.

    Since the beginning of the year, over 40 people have been arrested in Spain on charges they aided and abetted the jihadist group responsible for multiple atrocities in Syria and Iraq.

    Most of them were involved in recruiting fighters and sending them to join the ranks of militias of the 'caliph'.

    An Algerian jihadist wanted by Belgian authorities was arrested at the airport of Barcelona as he was returning from Syria. According to Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz, at least 116 Spanish nationals are fighting in Syria and Iraq with ISIS and Al Qaida.

    Since the 'black Friday' of attacks in Tunisia and France 10 days ago, Spain has raised the anti-terror alert level to four out of five. Particular concern is caused by the strong increase in messages dedicated to Spain on social networks close to the Islamic State, which means to 'reconquer' the 'caliphate' of al-Andalus, among other things. (ANSAmed)

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