Tunisia: premier, 300 foreign fighters came back from Syria

Essid interviewed by local tv station Al Hiwar Ettounsi

17 November, 10:40

    Where the foreign fighters come from Where the foreign fighters come from

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, NOVEMBER 17 - Some 300 Tunisians came back to the country after joining militant terrorist organisations active in jihadi territories, said Tunisian premier Habib Essid during an interview with local tv station Al Hiwar Ettounsi, adding that their names are known and that these individuals are kept under constant surveillance by the security forces.

    The new strict anti-terrorism law will also be applied to them.

    Commenting on the Paris attacks, Essid announced that the government will adopt new preventive measures such as the tightening of security on the border with Libya and the revision of military and security plans in line with current challenges.

    Security controls at airports will also be beefed up.

    In order to confront an exceptional situation we must respond with exceptional measures, said the premier adding that he believed Tunisians would understand that these decisions are meant to ensure their security.

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