Jordan releases top MB leader Bani Irsheid

Bani Irsheid vows national political initiative

04 January, 18:05

    MB leader Bani Rsheid MB leader Bani Rsheid

     AMMAN - Jordan on Monday released from prison top Muslim Brotherhood leader Zaki Bani Irsheid after completing sentence of 18 months.

    Bani Irsheid showed defiance and called for sweeping reforms during his first public appearance.

    "We love freedom and seek to reconciliation with everybody," he told supporters during his reception.

    "Authorities want renaissance, we are ready, but that does not happen by force," he said.

    Hundreds of supporters gathered north-west Amman to welcome Bani Irsheid , who served as president of the MB shura council and secretary general of the Islamic Action Front (IAF).

    "I come from a prison and realize the suffering of prisoners," and called for urgent reforms in the country.

    "The situation in Jordan can no longer handle losing time. The country is saturated with bad management and this country needs free people," he added.

    The outspoken Bani Irsheid  was imprisoned for publishing remarks on his Facebook page where he vilified the UAE after the Abu Dhabi government listed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

    Bani Irsheid was tried at the military run state security court and found guilty of harming ties between the kingdom and an Arab country.

    Activists and human rights pundits criticized authorities for imprisoning Bani Irsheid , saying he fill victim to freedom of expression.

    Bani Irsheid  said he has prepared a national political initiative that he hopes would help defuse political tension.

    His release comes at a testy time for the MB, after dozens of high ranking leaders quit the IAF and vowed to establish their own political party.

    MB leaders accuse authorities of orchestrating a campaign against the group in order to undermine its influence in the country, but observers say power struggle within ranks is to blame for the current crisis. (ANSAmed).

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