Liby: ISIS tells followers to go to Ben Jawad via sea

Already 10,000 foreign jihadists are fighting for ISIS

07 January, 19:54

    Is fighters in Lybia Is fighters in Lybia

     - ROME - The Islamic State (ISIS) has called on its followers to reach the Libyan oil terminals of Ben Jawad via sea, according to the SITE intelligence group. Tripoli sources have meanwhile told the Libya Herald that a boat carrying foreigners had arrived on the beaches of Zliten two days before but that security forces had not been able to prevent Thursday's attack. The Ben Jawad oil facilities and those of the neighboring Ras Lanuf are at the center of an ISIS offensive launched at the beginning of the year. ISIS claims to have taken full control of the coastal city and on Thursday posted photos of fighters using its trademark black flag controlling the streets. ''We had information that a boat arrived at the town's shore two days ago carrying a number of strangers,'' Zliten Security Directorate's Serraj Al-Rashdi told the Libya Herald. ''We started an operation yesterday to register all strangers in the town without residency permits, but unfortunately this didn't prevent this catastrophe,'' referring to a suicide attack that killed dozens in a coast guard training camp on Thursday. The daily went on to say that ''there has been at least one other report this week of a boatload of militants, sailing from Tunisia to Sabratha where more militants were picked up and then on, further east. Its destination, however, was said to be Sirte.'' A Libyan study states that at least 10,000 foreign jihadists are fighting for ISIS in Libya, reported the website Akhbar Libya 24 in summing up a report by a Libyan center for terrorism studies. The center warned that the number of foreign fighters could rise and that one of the major countries of origin was Tunisia, followed by Mali, Sudan and Egypt. The latest figures seen as reliable by the UN and Western intelligence services put the number of fighters at around 5,000. The figure is rising, however, after numerous appeals to fighters to go to Libya and not Syria and Iraq. (ANSAmed).

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