Another shipwrecks in Aegean Sea, 11 children dead

Obama: migrants a global crisis, EU-NATO collaboration

08 February, 21:01

    Migrants continue to die in the Aegean Sea Migrants continue to die in the Aegean Sea

    ISTANBUL/WASHINGTON - At least 27 people died in a shipwreck in the Aegean Sea this morning, and eleven children among them, after their boat capsized in the Turkish bay of Edremit, not far from the Greek island of Lesbos

    US President Barack Obama said after talks with Italian President Sergio Mattarella Monday that "we talked at length about the problem of refugees and migrants that has had a terrible impact on Europe and on Italy in particular". He said "for the US this is not just Europe's problem but a global problem that puts pressure on the US and the transatlantic relationship". Obama stressed that NATO and the EU must work together "to dismantle human-trafficking networks".

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