Orangina 'made in Morocco', it's almost a revolution

Maroccans used to freshly squeezed juice. Lemo-Suntory deal

14 March, 13:55

    Orangina Orangina

    (ANSAmed) - RABAT, MARCH 14 - Orangina, the orange juice in the pot-bellied bottle is ready to invade Morocco.

    It will be a revolution for local consumers used to drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, sold by street-vendors in squares for a few coins a glass.

    So much so that Orangina, which is very well known in France, had never dared go beyond the Pillars of Hercules, but this time the group Lemo, Les Eaux Minarales d'Oulmes, distributor of bottled mineral water, announced a partnership with Suntory Beverage and Food, the Japanese producer of the drink.

    Suntory, which also boasts in its portfolio brands such as Schweppes and Oasis, sealed the deal through its European division located in France.

    The news has appeared on local financial media.

    The accord will come into fruition on two levels: a company will immediately be established for the exploitation rights of the brand which will follow commercial operations, marketing and the distribution of products. Subsequently Lemo will open a factory in an exclusive partneship with the Japanese giant to produce and distribute Orangina. Lemo, which holds 68% of the market of bottled mineral water in Morocco with four brands of water - Sidi Ali, Oulmès, Ain Atlas e Bahia - went from a turnover of approximately 125 million Euros to 137 million in the last year, a 23% growth.

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