Egypt: 88 cases of torture with 8 deaths in 2016, Amnesty

'Giulio tortured and killed like an Egyptian', Regeni's mother

29 March, 18:37

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, MARCH 29 - Some 88 cases of torture have already been reported this year in Egypt, 8 of which resulted in the detainee's death, the spokesman for the Italian branch of Amnesty International, Riccardo Noury, said on Tuesday.

    He was speaking during a press conference at the Italian Senate with the parents of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, whose body was recently found in Egypt bearing marks of torture.

    Noury called on football teams to raise a banner on April 23-24 demanding 'Truth and Justice for Giulio'. ''Under the current interior minister,'' he added, citing data collected by the Egyptian NGO Al-Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, ''the number of torture cases has risen exponentially. In 2015, there were 464 cases of forced disappearances in secret jails or military bases and 1,676 cases of torture, 500 of which ended with the detainee's death.'' Amnesty International also noted that ''in the days in which Giulio disappeared, two other cases of torture were recorded and both of the people were found dead, bearing signs of torture.'' ''I recognized Giulio only by the tip of his nose. I will not tell you what they did to him,'' Regeni's mother said at the press conference. Paola Regeni underscored that her son's case was by no means unique in Egypt. ''If we refer to what happened - meaning the torture of an Italian citizen - then it probably is an isolated case. But otherwise it is not. Giulio's friends have told us that they tortured and killed him like an Egyptian.'' (ANSAmed).

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