Libya's Haftar resumes advance westwards, takes Harawa

50 km from Sirte where Jedran's top guard sought refuge

21 September, 15:19

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, SEPTEMBER 21 - After an attack in Libya's oil-rich crescent, the forces under General Khalifa Haftar on Wednesday resumed their advance westwards and have reportedly taken the village of Harawa about 50 kilometers east of Sirte. They are thus moving closer to a city where Misurata militias linked to the Tripoli government are fighting against the Islamic State (ISIS). Harawa was where Ibrahim Jedran, the head of the guards Haftar chased out of the country's oil terminals, had taken refuge, reported military sources on their website.

    ''Infantry Brigade 152, led by Abdel Hakim Emmezab and backed by the Ajdabiya counterterrorism organization, has announced control of Harawa, east of Sirte,'' the Facebook page of Haftar's forces stated. Well-informed military sources added to the Afri Gate News website that a large number of armed individuals linked to Ibrahim Jedran had handed over their weapons and vehicles to the armed forces and that the military operations in Harawa had not targeted Misurata militias operating in Sirte against ISIS. They stressed that the operations were against a common enemy and that there would never be any clash with any military force in the Sirte region. (ANSAmed).

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