Tunisia's Republic Day on anniversary of Brahmi murder

4 years after assassination of opposition MP

25 July, 12:29

    TUNIS - Tunisia on Tuesday was celebrating its 60th Republic Day while commemorating the death of left-wing opposition MP Mohamed Brahmi, who was killed on July 25, 2013, by two men riding a motorcycle in front of his Tunis home. dac Brahmi was an opposition politician who founded the People's Movement. Brahmi's assassination occurred five months after that of another Tunisian opposition MP, Chokri Belaid, who was killed on February 6 of that year, also in the capital. Both of the murders, whose perpetrators are still unknown despite several trials underway, threw the country into a deep political crisis and sparked an enormous reaction for the public that gradually led to civil society, unions and parties coming together to find a way to out of the crisis and towards a democratic transition. In was in the summer of 2013 ''when the democratization process was on the verge of collapsing under the weight of political assassinations and disorder'', that the National Dialogue Quartet was formed from the UGTT union, the industrial confederation UTICA, the League for Human Rights and the national lawyers guild. The Quartet was given a Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 for managing ''to create a peaceful political process at a time when Tunisia was on the verge of civil war. It enabled the country to establish a constitution and a system of government that ensures fundamental rights to all the Tunisian population regardless of gender, political beliefs and religion''. 

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