Jordanians protest overnight against gov't fiscal policies

Demonstrations across the country

05 February, 09:27

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN, FEBRUARY 5 - Hundreds of Jordanians protested overnight in central city of Salt and several towns against government fiscal policies that recently saw a surge in prices across the board, witnesses said.

    The biggest demonstration took place in Salt, a traditional town with strong middle class base dominated by loyalist tribes.

    Demonstrators marched through the old town neighbourhoods as they held banners calling for resignation of the government and retracting of decisions to lift subsidies on main commodities.

    'Down with the parliament, down with the government, we want to live in dignity,' one banner read, as protesters shouted for national salvation government. Security forces were strongly present in the area, but no clashes took place, despite the tense atmosphere, eye witnesses confirmed to ANSA.

    Other protests have been taking place across Jordan over the past few days, after activists called on citizens to take to the streets to show their dissatisfaction of the government fiscal policies.

    The government has recently under taken an number of decisions to generate income for the treasury, including lifting subsidies on bread, imposing sales tax on vetitable products, and other taxations. (ANSAmed).

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