Attack against Benghazi mosque, 1 dead and 55 injured

With car bomb or backpack with explosive

09 February, 14:00

    CAIRO - A dynamite attack has been carried out against a mosque in Benghazi, Libya's second-largest city, which caused 1 death and 55 injured, according to two local media outlets on Friday.
    ''A car bomb exploded near the mosque of Abu Huraia'', wrote the website Al Wasat, quoting the television 'Libya Roha Al Watan''. The website of the broadcaster Libya's Channel spoke about a ''backpack with explosives''. Al Wasat, after referring to ''dead and wounded'' according to the television's sources, subsequently reported ''dozens of wounded'' being treated at a hospital.
    Libya's Channel on Twitter also reported of "40 injured being treated at the Al Galla hospital and at Benghazi's medical center".
    Jihadists and the forces of general Khalifa Haftar have been fighting to gain control of the city for over three years before Haftar announced that his troops has retaken it last July.
    On January 23, two car bombs exploded outside a mosque, killing at least 34 people, including children, and injuring 90 others.

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