Heated debate over Israeli commercial for non-kosher food

Supermarket chain launches battle for civil rights

09 March, 16:33

    TEL AVIV - A commercial for an Israeli supermarket chain offering non-kosher food including pork has drawn a great deal of attention online, with 100,000 views in only a few days. It has also opened an ideological debate between supporters of a secular state and those who would instead prefer for at least some public areas to be subject to Jewish Orthodoxy. To capture the attention of viewers, the Tiv Taam chain made use of the voice of the 'Father of the Homeland', David Ben Gurion, in a recording in which he states that Israel guarantees ''freedom of religion, education, culture and language'' for all.

    On this basis, Tiv Taam concluded that ''every one of us must be free to decide: how to live, what to eat, and when to buy products'' including non-kosher meat, and even on the Sabbath (day of rest). The commercial was launched during recent protests against the closing of shops that had opened on Saturday in the city of Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv. The Facebook page of Tiv Taam has received an onslaught of outraged reactions from those seeing the commercial as an insult to Judaism.

    ''What choice are you talking about,'' Lior S. asked. ''A Jew has one truth, one Torah.'' Other replied that it is also possible to live as Jews without being Orthodox, while Haaretz noted that such a heated debate was sparked simply over whether or not one could eat pork or shop on Saturdays. ''This,'' a commentator said, ''is what we have left of Ben Gurion's vision.'' (ANSAmed).

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