Catalonia: Girona, separatists break into Generalitat

Marches and roadblocks one year after referendum

01 October, 13:39

    ROME - Catalan separatists are staging demonstrations, marches and road blocks to mark the anniversary of the separatist referendum which was not recognized by Madrid.
    In Girona, the website of La Vanguardia reports, some militants broke into the local headquarters of the Generalitat, the institution at the helm of Catalonia recognized by Madrid, with the intention of ripping the Spanish flag. Demonstrations are also ongoing in Barcelona.
    Protests were organized across Catalonia early this morning: separatists summoned through social networks by the Committees for the defense of the republic (Cdr) blocked the main roads, highways and railways of the north-east.
    The most significant disruption was registered in Girona, north of Barcelona, where hundreds of activists occupied high-speed tracks while local police tried to block access to the station.
    Road blocks affected the AP-7 highway, the main road with the French border and central roads of Leida and Barcelona, where a large demonstration has been called by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, starting at 6:30 pm today with several official events planned before.
    At 10 pm on Monday, university students organizing the ''cacerolada'' to demand the release for politicians who are still detained.
    The demonstration is ongoing: the Cdr kick started at 7 am 'surprise actions' across the capital in Catalunya square, the Mercado di Santa Caterina and plaza Letamendi. Thousands of students are peacefully demonstrating across Barcelona with a march starting at the Jardinets de Gracia at midday.
    Quim Torra and the rest of the Catalan government were at around 9 am in Sant Julià de Ramis, where police intervened a year ago, to forcibly prevent citizens from voting. It was the polling station where Puidgemont was supposed to cast his ballot, although he voted elsewhere. Demonstrators today showed a banner there reading: ''We won't forget, we won't forgive''.

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