'Honor killing' in Syria sparks indignation online

Girl killed by brother

24 October, 11:05

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, OCTOBER 24 - A video showing the cold-blooded killing of a girl reportedly under age 18 by her brother in northern Syria has sparked indignation on social media.

    The girl was allegedly shot and killed for ''having stained the family's honor''. According to the Arabic website of the BBC, the alleged 'honor killing' occurred in Jarablus, near the Turkish border in an area under the control of Syrian opposition fighters allied with Ankara. The girl's name was reportedly Rasha Bassis. The video shows a girl curled up next to a wall who is shot repeatedly by a man while a voice yells ''shoot! Wash your honor!''. The exact circumstances of the girl's killing cannot be verified. So-called 'honor killings' are widespread in many Arab countries and other areas, where it is seen as an attenuating circumstance in courts. (ANSAmed).

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