250 refugees return to Syria from Lebanon

Thousands repatriated in recent months

25 October, 17:44

    BEIRUT - About 250 Syrian refugees returned to their home country on Thursday from Lebanon through two border crossings as part of coordination between the two countries for the gradual repatriation of civilians who fled the war. Reports were from Syrian state-run news agency SANA and Lebanese media. The media and eyewitnesses say that 11 buses crossed the Jdeidet Yabus and Dabbusiye border crossings into the Damascus and Homs regions around 12 PM local time. There were about 250 people on the buses who had been living as refugees in Lebanon for years, a country that never signed the Geneva Convention on refugees and that since 2011 has taken in about a million Syrians. In recent months, a few thousand Syrian refugees returned to the country as part of Lebanese government efforts to repatriate those that it has always called ''temporary guests''. 

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