High food prices in Yemen causing hunger - Save the Children

Due to failing economy

25 October, 12:59

    ROME - Save the Children said on Thursday that Yemen's failing economy and collapsed local currency have caused the prices of basic food items to double, putting the lives of thousands of children at risk.
    It said the nearly doubled cost of basic food items has left many parents "struggling to provide enough daily nutrition to themselves and their children" and is "as big a threat to children as bombs and bullets". "The cost of basic food items like flour, rice, salt, sugar and cooking oil has nearly doubled since the conflict escalated in 2015," Save the Children said.
    "The situation is further compounded by a collapsing local currency which has plummeted to its lowest value in history," it said. Save the Children said parents are skipping meals or even starving themselves just to feed their children, who are increasingly exposed to easily preventable and curable illnesses that often become lethal for them.
    At the start of the crisis in Yemen in 2015, one dollar was worth 215 Yemeni riyals; now one dollar is worth 727 riyals - a 238% increase.
    Save the Children said this massive inflation has caused the cost of essential commodities such as food, water, electricity, fuel and medicines to increase.

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