Egypt: potential terror motive in Cairo blast probed

Ministry, group linked to Muslim Brotherhood could be responsible

05 August, 17:38

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, AUGUST 4 - An explosion outside Egypt's National Cancer Institute in Cairo could be an act of terrorism, caused by explosive placed inside a car that drove against traffic, colliding with other vehicles. The hypothesis circulating over the last few hours has not been officially confirmed. According to the Interior ministry, the early result of the investigation point out to Hasm, an armed group the goverment considers linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    According to a number of witnesses, the car's driver was fleeing from the police at the time of the impact, which caused 19 deaths and at least 30 injuries. The death toll is provisional as some of those wounded are in critical condition.

    The explosion was so violent that it was heard a few kilometers away and, according to some witnesses, it made the windows of nearby buildings rattle. Several security officers are in the area to question eye-witnesses. The impact also damaged iron barriers along the Nile and a few bodies could have fallen into the river, according to security sources. (ANSAmed)

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