Migrants: Bosnia deports 27 to Serbia

In northwest, as many as 10,000 trying to cross into Croatia

28 August, 17:07

    BELGRADE - Bosnia-Herzegovina deported 27 migrants back to Serbia after Sarajevo authorities said the migrants were illegally staying in Bosnian territory.
    Serbian media said the migrants were 14 citizens from Pakistan, seven from Bangladesh, three from Afghanistan and three from Turkey.
    Bosnia-Herzegovina has been dealing for months with a strong increase in the migrant flow along the Balkan Route.
    In the country's northwest, there are currently as many as 10,000 migrants trying to cross the border into Croatia and continue towards Western Europe.
    This situation has caused strong discontent in the local population, which has staged protests over the growing security risks tied to thefts, violence, and intimidation on the part of migrants. 

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