Egypt: Amnesty, 57 executions in two months

32 in all of 2019, figures likely underestimated, 'horrifying spree'

03 December, 17:35

    CAIRO - In the past two months Egypt has carried out at least 57 death sentences of men and women compared to a total of 32 in all of 2019, said the website al Monitor on Thursday, citing figures published on Wednesday by Amnesty International that spoke of a "horrifying execution spree".

    Amnesty International said the figures are likely to be an underestimate as Egyptian authorities do not publish statistics on executions nor inform families. It said pro-government media reported 91 executions during the same period of October and November examined in the report. It said at least 15 "political detainees" were sentenced to death in the same two-month period "following grossly unfair trials marred by forced 'confessions' and other serious human rights violations".

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