Migrants: record arrivals in Nov. in Canary Islands, 8,157

Nearly 20,000 migrants reached archipelago since start of year

03 December, 18:40

    MADRID - A total of 8,157 migrants disembarked in the Canary Islands in November, a record number, according to figures published Thursday by the Spanish Interior Ministry. The increase brings the overall number of migrants who have reached the archipelago from African shores since the start of the year to nearly 20,000. That number is ten times higher than the number reached in 2019, and facilities are now overcrowded.

    According to the interior ministry figures, between January 1 and November 30 of this year a total of 19,566 migrants landed on the archipelago, while last year that number was just 1,993. Of that number, nearly 70% arrived in September and October.

    In an attempt to cope with the crisis, Spain has started building emergency camps that can host up to 7,000 people, in a project totaling 84 million euros financed with European funds. Migrants are also being accommodated in hotels and in tourism complexes that are largely vacant due to the Covid-19 crisis.

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