Migrants: Bosnia, Blazuj camp transformed into battlefield

Two police officers and a worker with IOM injured, cars overturned

21 January, 16:31

    SARAJEVO - Wounded people, overturned police cars, and broken windows on the "battlefield" demonstrated the scope of the serious unprecedented incidents that broke out on Wednesday evening in the migrant reception centre of Blazuj, near Sarajevo, where police estimate about 2,000 migrants participated.

    Local media reported that the clashes broke out when officials from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) tried to transfer a migrant they said was responsible for provoking incidents to another camp.

    However, on Thursday a migrant from Bangladesh named Hasan told broadcaster N1 that the clashes erupted after a Shiite Iranian insulted the prophet Muhammad, provoking the reaction of Sunni migrants - Afghan, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi - who were shouting "Tekbir" and "Allahu akbar" ("God is the greatest").

    The Blazuj centre is the largest in Bosnia, hosting more than 3,000 migrants, and its security is overseen by the police of the Canton of Sarajevo and private agencies employed by IOM.

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